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You can watch the trailer below for Bill’s upcoming  series on AMC which will premiere in October!

If you could find out who you’re meant to be with, would you? That’s the premise of AMC’s new anthology, Soulmates.

The six-hour anthology, set 15 years in the future, explores what happens when a science test can reveal who a person’s soulmate is and how its results affect different relationships.

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Due to scheduling conflicts because of Covid, Bill has sadly had to drop out of the movie. Watch him confirm it in the video below, courtesy of Collider

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I have added a little over 600 captures of Bill Skarsgard from his newest release, Villains to the image gallery.  Apologies for the delay in adding them!

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Gallery Link:

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Captures of Bill as his role of Pennywise the Dancing Clown have been added to our image gallery. Make sure you go and buy your copy of the movie tomorrow on blu-ray and dvd!

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I have added 71 photos of Bill at the European premiere of “IT: Chapter Two” to the image gallery. Enjoy!

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Photos of the premiere of “It: Chapter Two” have been added to the gallery and I will continue to add more as I find them!

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I have added digital scans of two featurette stories concerning It: Chapter Two to the image gallery. A huge thank you to Jay from Jay Ryan Web for access to the SciFi Now magazine!

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The official trailer for Bill’s next upcoming project also releasing in September has been released and you can view it right below!

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Although he was nine when he first started acting professionally (a Swedish thriller, which starred Alexander), the “It” franchise marks Skarsgård’s true Hollywood breakout. On Sept. 6, he returns to theater screens for “It Chapter Two.”

When the first installment premiered in September 2017, the film went on to become the highest-grossing R-rated horror film of all time. With an A-list cast attached to the sequel — Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader — portraying the adult versions of the Losers Club children, expectations are high for the second film, and it’s likely that even more eyes will be on Skarsgård.

The final fight looms large for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. In King’s story, Skarsgård’s Pennywise returns to wreak havoc every 27 years; indeed, it was 27 years between Tim Curry’s 1990 television portrayal of the character and Skarsgård’s. This time around, the monster was less dormant before returning for its encore.

Read the entire article over at WWD’s website

I have also added the photoshoot in high quality from the article to our image gallery so enjoy!

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I am pleased to announce the grand opening of the full site for Bill Skarsgard Web, a fansite dedicated to the amazing Swedish actor who you can see next in the upcoming It: Chapter Two releasing September 6 and Villains releasing September 20! Take a look around and make sure to check out our image gallery which images are still being added to! We are still working on the career pages but hope to have them done within the next week.