Castle Rock (Season One)

1.01 – Severance

(July 25, 2018)
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl | Written by: Sam Shaw & Dustin Thomason

In 1991 Castle Rock, Maine, Sheriff Alan Pangborn finds missing child Henry Deaver standing on the town’s frozen lake. Twenty-seven years later, on his last day as warden of Shawshank State Penitentiary, Dale Lacy commits suicide. His successor, Theresa Porter, plans to reopen a long-abandoned cell block so that she can maintain the growing inmate population. While counting the beds, guard Dennis Zalewski comes across a mysterious, unaccounted-for inmate locked in an underground cage. The Kid, upon being released, whispers Henry’s full name. Porter refuses to involve Henry, who is now a death-row lawyer, but Zalewski anonymously calls him. After returning to Castle Rock and reconnecting with Pangborn and his dementia-suffering mother Ruth, Henry attempts to learn more about The Kid only for Porter to stonewall him. Zalewski, meanwhile, discovers that The Kid has escaped and slaughtered several other guards. In a flashback, it is revealed that Henry’s father went missing around the same time he did and was found dead. In a second flashback, Lacy tells The Kid to ask for Henry when the time comes.

1.02 – Habeas Corpus

(July 25, 2018)
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl | Written by: Sam Shaw & Dustin Thomason

Henry tries to learn more about the events at Shawshank from Lacy’s widow only to be kicked out when she accuses him of killing his father. Zalewski discovers that the mass slaughter was all in his head and confronts The Kid. Pangborn meets with Porter, telling her he found a letter written by Lacy. In the letter, he states his belief that the Devil had taken on the form of a boy and that he locked him away because God told him to. Porter immediately places The Kid in a new cell only for his cellmate to die of cancer.

1.03 – Local Color

(July 25, 2018)
Directed by: Dan Attias | Written by: Gina Welch

In a flashback Molly goes to Henry’s house at night and sees his father is on life support. She removes his breathing tube. In the present Molly has a dream that she is in a church. Henry’s father is preaching and looks to her saying there is a sinner among them. Henry asks Molly to put his mother’s house on the market. Molly declines to represent him as she states it would be a conflict of interest. In a flashback, Molly invites Henry to her house. Molly tells Henry that she can read his thoughts. Back in the present, The Kid is eating by himself as Zalewski and another guard look on. Zalewski meets Henry off-site and asks him to represent The Kid. Molly returns to her home, finding it has been broken into. She and Jackie clean up. Jackie finds a missing poster of young Henry and asks Molly if he really killed his dad. Henry takes Molly to her meeting for a TV series.

1.04 – The Box

(August 1, 2018)
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl | Written by: Scott Brown

Henry experiences flashbacks from when he went missing and goes to the home of a suspect in his case. He finds the suspect who gives him the police file associated with his disappearance. Meanwhile, Henry’s father’s casket arrives at the church. Henry decides to take the prison’s offer for the Kid, claiming he wants to go back to his family. Zalewski has an encounter with the Kid. When Henry tells him that he will take the settlement, Zalewski takes a gun and shoots many officers inside the prison before being gunned down himself, in front of Henry.

1.05 – Harvest

(August 8, 2018)
Directed by: Andrew Bernstein | Written by: Lila Byock

In 2016 Henry gets his hearing checked. He says that he used to have issues when he was younger. In the present Henry’s hearing is still affected from the shooting at Shawshank five days earlier. Henry’s father’s casket arrives at the church before it’s moved to the new plot, and the pastor tells Henry that something odd is happening; the casket is dripping blood, but this shouldn’t be happening because his father died a long time ago. Wildfires are raging near Castle Rock causing some residents to evacuate. Not wanting further scandal Shawshank releases the Kid. In a flashback, Lacy tells the Kid about their first encounter and asks if he remembers the crazy story The Kid told him when they first met. In the present, The Kid is getting a psych evaluation and told that he has amnesia. Henry sets him up in the room above Molly’s office. Ruth has a bad night suffering from her dementia. She feels something bad is going to happen that night. The Kid wanders into a family’s birthday celebration and sits in the shadows watching the family. The family starts arguing and the celebration becomes an abusive nightmare. Jackie finds the Kid in the room above the office. Alan is honored at a bridge-naming ceremony, during which Ruth is spooked by a dog and jumps off the bridge and into the water. Molly returns to the office finding the Kid is not there. Unknown to Molly the Kid with Jackie who tells the Kid about her uncle, Jack Torrance. Alan and Henry speak with Ruth at the hospital. Alan discovers the Kid in the forest. Alan states that the Kid hasn’t aged a day since 1991 and the Kid offers to help Ruth.

1.06 – Filter

(August 15, 2018)
Directed by: Kevin Hooks | Written by: Vinnie Wilhelm & Marc Bernardin

The episode opens with the second funeral and burial of Matthew Deaver, Henry’s adoptive father. Henry begins to hear a ringing in his ear which he also experienced as a child. The Kid tells Alan to find Warden Lacy’s old car in order to save Ruth’s memory. Henry brings the Kid to Juniper Hills Psychiatric Hospital. Henry’s son Wendell comes to visit. Ruth describes to Wendell how she uses chess pieces to help her memory. Henry goes to Molly to discuss the flashbacks he has of his father bringing him into the woods and Molly admits to murdering his father. Henry goes into the same woods that his father brought him into as a child. He discovers two campers, Odin, a deaf man, and Willie, his interpreter. Odin claims that the ringing Henry hears is a schisma, which Henry’s father believed was the Voice of God. He tricks Henry into an anechoic chamber in their camper where he begins to hallucinate his father. The Kid has escaped Juniper Hills by setting a fire and Alan finds him on the front porch of the Deaver home with a bloody hand. Alan rushes into the house to try and find Ruth.

1.07 – The Queen

(August 22, 2018)
Directed by: Greg Yaitanes | Written by: Sam Shaw

The timeline shifts between the past and present, at once recounting Ruth’s life with Henry as a boy, scenes from previous episodes now through Ruth’s point of view, and the Kid’s mysterious intrusion into Ruth’s house in the present. Ruth recalls Matthew Deaver’s first time hearing “the voice of God” and her relationship with Alan Pangborn. Expanding upon a scene from a previous episode, Wendell interprets Ruth’s dementia with a VR game, calling Ruth a “timewalker,” who must defeat her nemesis, Matthew Deaver in the form of the Kid. Back in the present, Ruth sends Wendell away to protect him. The Kid makes dinner for Ruth and tells her to eat a sedative. In response, Ruth distracts the Kid by asking him to draw her a bath, does not take the pill, and runs upstairs to find a revolver. While at first, she does not remember where the bullets are, her memories lead her to unpack the bullets in her suitcase. Returning to the events at the beginning of the episode, Ruth hides in the shed with the loaded revolver, ready to shoot the Kid when he walks through. Instead, she shoots and kills Alan Pangborn by accident as he walks through. Finding herself in the past, Alan arrives at the house in response to reports of the future gunshots that killed him, and the pair resume their relationship.

1.08 – Past Perfect

(August 29, 2018)
Directed by: Ana Lily Amirpour | Written by: Mark Lafferty

Gordon and Lilith, who bought Lacy’s house, turn it into a murder-story bed and breakfast. Gordon, who has trouble forgiving Lilith over her affair, murders their first booking — who are cheating on their spouses. That same night, Molly’s “connection” to Henry draws her to the woods, where she frees him from the locked chamber in Odin’s camper, though neither of them sees Odin’s murdered corpse nearby. While The Kid tells Henry about Ruth killing Alan, and that he has waited for Henry for 27 years, Henry’s son Wendell calls in the state police. The Kid runs off and is suspected of Alan’s murder. Henry breaks into Lacy’s (now Gordon’s) house and finds Lacy’s 27 years of drawings of an unchanging The Kid. Gordon and Lilith find him and try to kill him, fearful he’ll reveal the murder of their lodgers. In the melee, Lilith accidentally stabs herself in the jugular, while Jackie Torrance arrives and saves Henry by burying an ax in Gordon’s skull. The Kid visits Molly and finally starts talking, beginning with how he has seen her die in the woods

1.09 – Henry Deaver

(September 5, 2018)
Directed by: Julie Anne Robinson | Written by: Vinnie Wilhelm & Scott Brown

The Kid reveals to Molly that he is Henry Deaver, the biological son of Ruth and Pastor Matthew from an alternate reality. In a flashback to the Kid’s universe, Ruth followed through on leaving her troubled husband in 1991, taking her child, and fleeing to Boston. After they left, the Pastor was not murdered by 12-year-old Molly but did find 12-year-old Henry from the main universe after he had gone missing in 1991 from his reality. In 2018, this Pastor Deaver commits suicide, and the now-grown Henry from this universe finds the still 12-year-old Henry in a cage in his father’s basement. Adult Henry and his Molly talk to 12-year-old Henry, who insists the voices are calling him to the woods. When Molly touches his hand, she sees the first 12 years of the Molly and Henry of his reality. Molly and adult Henry take 12-year-old Henry to the woods near Castle Lake, where they see people from centuries of multiple realities. Molly is accidentally killed, 12-year-old Henry returns to his reality, and adult Henry follows him, becoming the Kid.

1.10 – Romans

(September 12, 2018)
Directed by: Nicole Kassell | Written by: Dustin Thomason & Mark Lafferty

Molly explains to Henry what she has learned from The Kid regarding their intersecting lives and realities. Henry and The Kid are arrested as suspects in the flurry of deaths. In jail, The Kid tells Henry that bad follows him because he is an anomaly to this reality and that they must go together to Castle Lake before the sounds, signifying the realities are touching, disappear. More strange deaths occur, leading to some Shawshank inmates slaughtering civilians and officers at the Castle Rock jail. Henry and The Kid escape in the confusion, with The Kid forcing Henry, at gunpoint, to Castle Lake. Henry starts to remember his experience with his father in 1991, including the fact that he pushed Preacher Deaver off a cliff for planning to kill his mother, Ruth. Henry overpowers The Kid, who briefly becomes a monstrous creature. One year later, Henry is living in Castle Rock as a property lawyer, Molly is a successful real estate agent in the Florida Keys and The Kid is imprisoned in the now-abandoned Shawshank. In a mid-credits scene, Jackie talks to Dean Merrill about the book she is writing and her plans to travel west to research her family history.