Pigan brinner!

Character: Tonårs-Nosferatu

Directed by: Martin Lima de Faria, Anette Skåhlberg

Written by: Anette Skåhlberg

Cast Members: Leif Andrée, Maria Kulle,

Released date: October 16, 2009

Genre: Drama

"Pigan brinner!" ("Maid on fire!") is a "modern silent short", shot in black/white 35 mm with the hand cranked camera Pathé, from 1914, (actually the same camera used by D.o.P. Julius Jaenzon for "Phantom Carriage") telling the story of a Maid that slaves in a Swedish family high-etc kitchen in the year of 2008, serving some twin brats, a hungry Nosferatu-teenager and a father "dying" in a cold. All tensed up, she suddenly starts to burn and SELFCOMBUST!... Maid on fire! is a torch in the Swedish debate about maids.

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