The Crown Jewels

Character: Richard Persson

Directed by: Ella Lemhagen

Written by: Carina Dahl, Ella Lemhagen

Produced by: Lars Blomgren, Peter Bengtsson, Jessica Ask, Gunnar Carlsson, Tomas Michaelsson, Christian Wikander, Gabija Siurblyte, Lone Korslund

Cast Members: Alicia Vikander, Loa Falkman

Released date: June 29, 2011

Genre: Drama

When she’s arrested for attempting to murder the son of a factory owner, Fragancia spins a tale of love and betrayal that began in her youth.

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Other Titles:

  • Kronjuvelerna (original)

Trivia and Goofs:

  • The title of the film comes from an Swedish old expression to describe eccentric people; “he’s a real crow jewel”.